When feeling lost within ourselves and overwhelmed with the ups and downs of life, a supportive counseling relationship can help guide us along a path towards growth and healing. Positive change in your life can start today

Individual Therapy

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Children listen when they feel listened too. Giving them the space and time they need to feel heard can be a gift for their development and wellness that will last a lifetime

Child and Adolescent Therapy

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Spaces often emerge between us and the ones we love. At Bridges, we'll work together to create paths for open and compassionate communication for you and your family.

Family Therapy

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How Therapy Can Help

A therapeutic relationship can offer guidance and support in exploring who you are as an individual and what you need to find peace and feel fulfilled.

By sharing your story with a counselor you can uncover opportunities to feel heard and understood while developing new skills to manage stress and cope with uncomfortable feelings.

It also has the ability to help you begin the process of healing from painful experiences while opening doors to new ways of feeling and being.

About Me

Child and Family Therapist

Chelsea Mier, MA, LPC registered intern

Who you are, how you feel, and how you want to grow are the first questions in therapy I like to guide my clients in exploring. And I believe creating a safe, warm, and reflective space for adults and children to begin that process are my most important responsibilities as a counselor.